Tibumana Waterfall

Tibumana Waterfall

Setting out to explore Bali's less-known treasures, and stumbled upon the captivating Tibumana Waterfall, where tranquility and history blend seamlessly in a natural setting. Located in the village of Apuan, in the lush district of Susut, Bangli, Tibumana offers a serene refuge far from the island's crowded tourist spots. This secluded gem, surrounded by verdant forests and the soothing sounds of cascading water, provides a peaceful escape and an opportunity to engage with Bali's pristine beauty.

A Glimpse into Tibumana Waterfall

The waterfall, standing at about 5 meters tall, has an intriguing story behind its name. The locals named it Tibu Tan Hana Waterfall, where 'Tibu' translates to a large pool of water, and 'Tan Hana' means invisible. This is because, once upon a time, the waterfall was hidden by dense trees, making it unseen by villagers who could only hear its soothing sounds. Over time, it became known simply as Tibumana Waterfall, a name that’s not just easier to say but also invites curiosity and exploration.

The Journey There

From Ubud, a 45-minute drive takes you through Bali's picturesque landscapes to this hidden gem. The adventure begins even before you reach the waterfall. A stunning road lined with palm trees leads you to the entrance, setting the stage for what’s to come. After a small fee at the ticket office, a pathway flanked by the lush, green jungle takes you down to Tibumana.

The walk is an experience in itself, with vines hanging over cliffs and colorful butterflies adding to the charm. As you get closer, the sound of the waterfall gets louder, and the air cooler, welcoming you into a world that feels almost like a fairy tale.

Upon arrival, the waterfall’s beauty is undeniable. Its water cascades into a pool below, creating a peaceful ambiance perfect for swimming and soaking in the serene vibes. However, the story behind its name reminds us of its once-hidden beauty, now revealed for us to see and appreciate.

The waterfall's fairy tale-like ambiance is enhanced by the prismatic rays of sunlight that dance through the mist, creating a magical scene straight out of a dream.

Tips for Visiting Tibumana Waterfall

Planning a visit to Tibumana is simple, yet a few tips can greatly enhance your experience and ensure a memorable and safe visit:

  • Best Time to Visit: Early mornings offer a more private experience.
  • Entrance Fee : As of my last visit, entering Tibumana Waterfall costs 15,000 IDR per person. For those looking to secure their belongings while taking a dip, locker rentals are available for an additional 5,000 IDR.
  • Mind Your Step : The path to and around the waterfall can be slippery. Wearing appropriate footwear, like sandals or water shoes, can help you navigate the terrain safely and comfortably.
  • Swimming with Care : Tibumana's inviting waters are perfect for a swim, but it's important to heed certain precautions for your safety. Besides the general advice against swimming under the waterfall to avoid falling debris and steering clear of the cave, remember:
    • Do not swim too far from the shore to easily return if needed.
    • Avoid standing near the cliff edges to prevent accidental slips.
    • Always dispose of your garbage appropriately to keep this natural retreat pristine for everyone.
  • Facilities : For those wanting to change after swimming, toilets and changing rooms are conveniently located at the waterfall site.

Nearby Destinations from Tibumana Waterfall

After enjoying Tibumana, consider visiting these nearby attractions to make the most of your day:

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Ubud Monkey Forest

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Experience Tibumana Waterfall

Tibumana Waterfall, with its natural beauty, intriguing history, and a touch of adventure, offers a unique experience that’s both calming and captivating. It stands as a testament to Bali’s hidden wonders, waiting to be discovered by those looking to explore beyond the beaten path. Whether seeking a peaceful retreat, a moment to connect with nature, or simply a day away from the hustle, Tibumana welcomes you with open arms.

So, if you’re in search of a quiet corner of Bali, rich in history, beauty, and peace, Tibumana Waterfall is a must-visit destination, just a short journey from Ubud.