Pura Puseh Desa Batuan

Pura Puseh Desa Batuan

Welcome to the enchanting world of Batuan Temple, known as Pura Puseh Batuan, in Bali's Pakraman village. Here, the unique concept of "Pakraman Village" thrives, home to three sacred temples: Pura Desa, Pura Puseh, and Pura Dalem.

The roots of the Tri Kahyangan concept date back to the year 1001 when the revered Mpu Kuturan arrived in Bali. His noble mission aimed to unite Bali's diverse sects and communities in worship of the divine Tri Murti Tatwa—Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva.

Batuan Temple, a hallowed site of great historical significance, was erected during the reign of King Paduka Aji Sri Dharmawangsa Wardhana, a distinguished ruler from the Warmadewa dynasty. The temple's architectural grandeur is defined by its intricate and captivating carvings. Over the centuries, the Paseh Temple within Batuan has witnessed extensive renovations, transforming into the magnificent masterpiece that stands today.

Stepping onto the sacred grounds of Batuan Temple, you embark on a timeless journey, immersing yourself in Bali's rich spiritual and cultural heritage. Here, the island's traditions and profound devotion harmoniously converge, inviting you to witness the splendor of tradition in all its glory. Prepare to be captivated by the mystical allure of Batuan Temple, a treasure trove of history and spirituality.

The Majestic Candi Bentar of Puseh Temple

Standing tall and proud, the entrance gate of Paseh Temple, known as Candi Bentar, is a mesmerizing sight. Crafted from vibrant red bricks, it's adorned with intricate floral motifs and the graceful curls that define Balinese temple architecture. This gate exudes a unique and captivating beauty, setting the stage for a remarkable journey within.

Candi Bentar plays a significant role as a symbolic boundary between the Nista Mandala (Jaba Pisan – the outer section of the temple) and the Madya Mandala (Jaba Tengah – the central part of the temple), welcoming you into the heart of Paseh Temple's spiritual realm.

While most temples feature a Dwarapala statue guarding the entrance, Paseh Temple offers a delightful twist. Here, the Dwarapala stands tall and majestic, without any weapons, presenting a distinct representation of this revered guardian. Prepare to be enchanted by the majesty of Candi Bentar as you step into the world of Paseh Temple's rich heritage and spiritual significance.

The Majestic Candi Bentar of Puseh Temple
Marvel at the Majestic Candi Bentar of Puseh Temple!

The Location of Batuan Temple

Batuan Temple is gracefully located in the charming Batuan village, Sukawati, Gianyar, Bali. It's strategically positioned, just about 10 kilometers away from the heart of Ubud Center, making it a convenient 30-minute drive. If you're arriving from Denpasar airport, it's approximately an hour's scenic journey.

As you approach, the grand entrance of Candi Bentar welcomes you to this sacred realm. Passing through, you'll find the Kori Agung building, where a special doorway awaits. In Hindu tradition, this doorway is a sacred passage for the gods themselves. Devotees, after their prayers, may choose to exit either to the left or right of the Kori Agung building.

Venture deeper into the temple, and you'll discover the Bale Kulkul and Bale Agung structures within the central courtyard. Here, a set of gamelan instruments stands ready, awaiting their role in accompanying religious ceremonies and lively Piodalan festivities that grace the Puseh Batuan Pura Gianyar.

The heart of the temple, known as the Main Mandala, holds treasures like the Padmasana buildings, Meru structures, and a collection of pelinggih shrines. At the rear of the temple, the wantilan building houses ancient and historically significant relics, adding layers of cultural richness to this sacred site. Prepare to embark on a journey of spiritual and cultural discovery as you explore the depths of Batuan Temple.

Batuan Temple Admission Details

Starting from March 1, 2023, a ticket to enter the mesmerizing Batuan Temple costs just IDR 30,000 per person. And here's the best part – your ticket includes convenient parking for all types of vehicles, ensuring a hassle-free visit.

Batuan Temple extends a warm welcome to tourists every day from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, providing you with ample time to explore its sacred grounds and intricate architecture. But that's not all. For local residents and those coming for worship and religious purposes, the temple opens its doors 24 hours a day, ensuring accessibility for spiritual practices and ceremonies.

For an absolutely enchanting experience, consider planning your visit to Batuan Temple during the morning hours around 9 AM or in the late afternoon, approximately at 5 PM. This is when the temple's atmosphere is exceptionally serene and captivating, allowing you to soak in its spiritual essence fully. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the magic of Batuan Temple!

Architecture of Pura Puseh Desa Batuan
Architecture of Pura Puseh Desa Batuan
Explore the Fascinating Architecture of Pura Puseh Desa Batuan

Batuan Temple Dress Code

When you plan to explore the magnificent Batuan Temple in Bali, remember to dress modestly, ensuring your knees and chest are covered. Respecting the dress code is crucial when visiting Hindu temple sites on the island; failure to do so might result in entry denial. Fortunately, Batuan Temple, one of Bali's top tourist spots, has you covered. They provide sarongs for visitors as part of the ticket price.

Now, you might be wondering about the sarong rental cost at Batuan Temple. Well, here's the great news – sarong rental is included in the ticket price! When you purchase your entrance ticket at the ticket booth, you'll receive a complimentary sarong and scarf. But if you'd like to have your very own sarong as a keepsake, you can purchase one at a local handicraft store for just $5 USD or IDR 70,000 per sarong. So, dress modestly, embrace the culture, and let your Bali adventure begin!

Batuan Temple Dress Code
Follow the Batuan Temple Dress Code for a Respectful Visit

Transportation Options to Batuan Temple

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Motorcycle Rental

Looking for an affordable and adventurous way to explore Bali? Consider renting a motorcycle. Bali offers numerous motorbike rental services, with prices typically ranging from around Rp 100,000 to Rp 200,000 per 24 hours. It's a great option for the budget-conscious traveler seeking independence.

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With these transportation choices at your disposal, you'll have the freedom to explore the wonders of Bali at your own pace. So, pick the option that suits your travel style best and embark on an unforgettable adventure!