Campuhan Ridge Walk

Campuhan Ridge Walk

Walk along the Campuhan Ridge in Ubud

Right in Ubud, there's a beautiful walk called the Campuhan Ridge Walk. It's a place where you can leave the busy town behind and find yourself surrounded by green hills and open skies. This walk isn't hard at all, making it perfect for everyone who wants to see a different side of Bali. It's like stepping into a postcard, with paths that curve through the countryside, showing off the island's natural beauty.

Fresh air and green views

Starting the walk, you'll feel the cool air and hear the sounds of nature all around you. The path takes you up and over the ridge, with tall grass on either side, and opens up to views of the hills and valleys that seem to go on forever. It's a great way to start your day or to unwind in the late afternoon.

Why artists love this place

The Campuhan Ridge Walk has always been a favorite spot for people who love to create. Depending on the time of day, the light and shadows play on the hills, making everything look even more beautiful. If you like taking pictures, you'll find plenty of amazing spots along the way to capture the perfect shot.

More than just a walk

This path is also a peek into the quieter side of Bali. You might pass by farmers working in their fields or see temples peeking out from the trees. It's a chance to see how life goes on, away from the tourist spots, in the heart of Bali's countryside.

Making the most of your walk

  • Best time to go: It's cooler and not too crowded if you go early in the morning or later towards the evening. Plus, the light is just right for photos.
  • Wear good shoes: Even though the path is easy, wearing comfortable shoes means you can walk further and enjoy more.
  • Drink water: Bring a bottle of water to keep hydrated, especially when the sun is hot.
  • Keep the place clean: Remember to take any trash with you so the path stays beautiful for everyone.

Enjoy the walk

  • Stop and look around: There's no rush. The best part of the walk is seeing all the views, so take your time.
  • Check out the temples: Near the start of the walk, there's a pretty temple worth a visit.
  • Grab a bite: There are a few places to eat along the way where you can sit, relax, and enjoy the view with some local food.

Why it's worth a visit

The Campuhan Ridge Walk is a peaceful break from the busy parts of Ubud. It's a simple way to connect with nature and see a bit of Bali's beautiful landscape and culture. Whether you're an early bird catching the sunrise or out for an evening stroll, this walk is a lovely way to see the island's natural charm.