Blangsinga Waterfall

Unveiling Bali’s Enchanting Gem: Blangsinga Waterfall – A Natural Haven

Blangsinga Waterfall, also recognized as Tegenungan Waterfall, stands as a towering icon in Bali, reaching a height of 15 meters, making it the tallest waterfall in Ubud. Fed by the Petanu River, the third-longest river in Bali, originating from the Kintamani Batur volcano, it gracefully winds its way through Tampaksiring, Ubud, and Blahbatuh village, covering a river course of 46.96 km that bestows its beauty upon Blangsinga.

Situated in Blangsinga village, Saba Subdistrict, and Gianyar Regency, this majestic wonder is a mere 20-minute, 10-kilometer drive from Ubud Center.

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Insights into Blangsinga Waterfall

Blangsinga Waterfall is an epitome of Bali’s natural paradise, often hailed for its breathtaking beauty. To address common inquiries, a list of frequently asked questions has been compiled, ensuring a smooth and informed visit. For details on the entrance fee, vital for your upcoming adventure, read on.

Blangsinga Waterfall Entrance Fee

As of August 2023, the entrance fee is set at 20,000 Indonesian rupiahs per person, equivalent to approximately 2 Australian dollars. This fee serves the dual purpose of supporting the waterfall's maintenance and cleanliness, while also contributing to enhancements that enrich the overall visitor experience.

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Accessing Blangsinga Waterfall: Your Portal to Natural Beauty

Embarking on a journey to Blangsinga Waterfall is an adventure in itself. Whether coming from Ubud or other locations, various transportation options are available, including taxis, scooters, and car rentals with drivers. As you approach, a designated parking area awaits, with a small parking fee in tow. The well-maintained trek to the waterfall is accessible for most fitness levels, offering captivating views of lush greenery and the cascading wonder.

Dining Options at Blangsinga Waterfall

Blangsinga Waterfall provides diverse dining choices, ranging from comfortable to spacious settings. The restaurant at the site offers a picturesque setting to savor a meal while enjoying the waterfall view. For a panoramic view of the Petanu River and waterfalls, D’Tukad River Club is an option, while OMMA Day Club offers the most comprehensive waterfall panorama, albeit at a slightly higher cost.

Blangsinga Waterfall vs. Tegenungan Waterfall: Clarifying the Distinction

Blangsinga Waterfall and Tegenungan Waterfall are one and the same, located between the villages of Tegenungan and Blangsinga. The distinction lies in the approach and entry gate, with Blangsinga Waterfall accessible from the east and Tegenungan Waterfall from the west.

Optimal Time to Explore Blangsinga Waterfall

To make the most of your visit, plan to arrive early in the morning before 7:30 AM or in the late afternoon around 5:00 PM. These times ensure fewer crowds, milder temperatures, and excellent lighting for capturing captivating photos.

Armed with this information, your visit to Blangsinga Waterfall promises to be a memorable and well-prepared adventure. Enjoy the natural splendor that awaits!

Transportation Choices in Ubud

Ubud offers various transportation options, including motorcycle rentals for an economical choice, car rentals with drivers for a hassle-free experience, and Ubud tour packages that streamline your itinerary and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions about Blangsinga Waterfall

Where is Blangsinga Waterfall located ?
Blangsinga Waterfall is situated in Bali, Indonesia, between the villages of Tegenungan and Blangsinga.

How tall is Blangsinga Waterfall ?
Blangsinga Waterfall boasts a height of approximately 15 meters (49 feet).

What is the best time to visit Blangsinga Waterfall ?
Early morning before 7:30 AM or late afternoon around 5:00 PM is optimal to avoid crowds and capture stunning photos.

Is there an entrance fee for Blangsinga Waterfall ?
Yes, the entrance fee, as of August 2023, is 20,000 Indonesian rupiahs (about 2 Australian dollars).

How do I get to Blangsinga Waterfall from Ubud ?
You can reach Blangsinga Waterfall from Ubud by car or motorbike in approximately 20 minutes.

Is Blangsinga Waterfall accessible by public transportation ?
Public transportation options may be limited, with taxis or hired drivers being more common choices.

Are there restaurants or cafes near Blangsinga Waterfall ?
Yes, several restaurants in the vicinity offer food and beverages with a view of the waterfall.

Is swimming allowed at Blangsinga Waterfall ?
Yes, swimming is permitted in the pool at the base of the waterfall, but exercise caution and follow safety guidelines.

Can I hike to the top of the waterfall for a better view ?
Yes, a bamboo bridge provides access to the upper area for a different perspective.

Is Blangsinga Waterfall suitable for families with children ?
Blangsinga Waterfall is generally family-friendly, but parents should keep a close eye on their children, especially near the water.