pisang-susuBali is regions in Indonesian archipelago, whose people inside always keep its traditional look. People inside are love to balancing between modern and ancient culture in every life, including in agriculture plantation system. Collaboration between rice field and other green plant, also as banana plants is unique one to explore more. On this title of milk nutrition, it will be represented new knowledge about Biu or Pisang or Banana fruit that has strong nutrition as milk has, and could replace rice as a main raw food.

What could be milk when you drink it, first time reach your sense of sweetness it feels soft, mild and flash of enjoyable will come to your mouth. Flavor of milk is a sensation feel you will get when eating one of banana’s variety called “Pisang Susu or Biu Susu”, that’s what people in Bali called it. Pisang Susu is suitable to consume when ripe and appeared as yellow colour of peel, because sweetness of milk flavor will getting its maximal point on this condition.

If it could taste like a milk then it should has a power like a milk too, nothing doubt about it, because inside 100 g of a variety of raw banana fruit has all these nutrition: Carbohydrates (22.84 g), Sugar (12.23 g), Dietary fiber (2.6 g), Fat (0.33 g), Protein (1.09 g), Vitamin B1 (0.031 g), Vitamin B2 (0.073 mg), Vitamin B3 (0.665 mg), Vitamin B5 (0.334 mg), Vitamin B6 (0.367 mg), Vitamin C (8.7 g), Calcium (5 mg), Iron (0.26 mg), Magnesium (27 mg), Phosphorus (22 mg), Potassium (358 mg), Zinc (0.15 mg). This is quick look source from USDA nutrient database information.

Do read for above information, not only Pisang Susu could act like a milk, maybe there will be others variety of banana fruit could act as our main food. When you hungry and don’t have much time to prepare your breakfast or lunch, just grab one of those banana to supply your nutrition where you could get from rice, bread or a glass of milk.

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