1 Gulden 1943

“And this?”, said Darmo again pointing to a coin, “I have this coin also, I just know that this belong to my grandfather before he gave to me. I need to know if this is having a story. Can you ask your best friend Gugel?, maybe ‘he’ will bring me the story”.

Darmo, he is a friend of mine, from whom I start surfing on Google as much as I can about info from previous 2-1/2 Netherland Gulden.  And of course it is Google & it’s not Gugel as Darmo named it, and I believe He & She Google worker from around the world are working hard to gather all the information.

Take a look at the coin’s photo and join me on my trip to the past of 1890 to 1948…

A Kingdom reign by a women power, sound interesting for me since I introduced to word of Gender, and then I always interested about this topic. A coincidental moment!. WILLHELMINA KONINGIN NEDERLANDER is written on the observe of the coin with a picture of Queen Willhelmina herself, she was the Queen of Netherland Kingdom 1890 to 1948, for almost 58 years she reign a Kingdom of Netherlands. Her reign saw World War I (1914 – 1918), World Economic Crisis in 1933, World War II (1939-1945), and the decline of Netherland Kingdom itself as a major colonial power.

Queen Willhelmina was born in 31 of August 1880 as Willhelmina Helena Pauline Maria, she was the only child & a daughter of King Willem III and Emma of Waldeck and Pyrmont (King’s second wife). At age of 10 years old, she already give an impression to Queen Victoria from United Kingdom, during her visit in 1895. Queen Willhelmina was enthroned on September 1898, when she was 18. Her first battle was at 20 years old, when she ordered Dutch warship to South Africa to battle President of Transvaal. She also the first world’s female billionaire in United State’s Dollar & the world’s richest women, can’t imagine how big a colony of The Dutch Kingdom have by the time she was crowned as a Queen.

During the World War I (1914 – 1918), Netherlands was stayed as a neutral Kingdom, though had become first blockade for Germany, Queen Willhelmina always stayed focus on awareness of the dangerous of Germany’s invade. The Queen also faced a problem from one of her biggest colony, Indonesia, where in 1916, there were Indonesian’s representative were sent to meet with The Queen to ask for a petition to form a military service and civil representative. She was agreed to form a civil representative but said no to a military service. In 1918, the first Indonesian civil representative was formed under the name of Volksraad. This is the first gate of Indonesian revolution brought by a political civil assembly. On the other side, The Queen once again could prevent her colony for being separated from Netherlands.

In 1933, after the World War I, the world facing Economic Crisis, due to unawareness of world economical condition by Countries & Kingdom that win the war. They prefer mostly for taking care of their in-house government & economical condition or in-house industrial development. They also raise import taxes of a goods commodity from their colony that makes Indonesia faced World Economical Crisis or named as Malaise Dunia in 1929 to 1939. This brought an impact in a result of poverty in agriculture & industrial economy in Indonesia. In 1920 to 1930, Queen’s reign was reaching its peak, Queen Willhelmina use this period to strengthen her Kingdom’s in-house government & emerging industrial power as a result of taking advantage of Germany’s lose out in World War I.

Year of 1919, Versailles Treaty of Peace was made between The Allied & Germany to prevent of Germany for starting another war again in the future, was made unfairness for Germany. They began to build ultranationalist regime & a totality ideology. In 1940 during World War II period (1939 – 1945), Germany invaded Netherlands, Queen Willhelmina was exiled to United Kingdom and still took charge of Netherlands Kingdom government from her exile. Meanwhile in some part of Netherlands colony including Indonesia, this period was a trigger for new chapter of another invades done by Japan in Indonesia in 1941 until 1945.

Until 1948, Queen Willhelmina was the only survivor of 16 European Kings & was the only Queen who was sitting on their throne at the time of her coronation since 1898. Her power of Netherlands Kingdom was a well known, she was minted historically on the coin of 1 (one) Netherlands Gulden, this coin was minted in Denver, United States, for over 20 million coin mintage.


Weight = 10 gr; Diameter = 28 mm; Silver = 0.72

Ruler = Queen Willhelmina

Era = Netherlands – German Occupation (1940 – 1945)



Edge Lettering = GOD * ZIJ * MET * ONS *

How you will say for tons of historical stories inside for just 10 gr of silver coin only, for me, I should say “LUAR BIASA” !!!





2-1/2 Gulden 1874

2-1/2 Gulden 1874

When rushing a rush time of going home, I saw Darmo, a guy from East Java & friend of mine, staring at a things look like a coin, yes it is a coin indeed, an old coin from the past. I saw him puzzled, I couldn’t stand to stopped & having a little chat with him. Through a conversation we had, he realizes that the coin material is made from silver, but as a conventional silversmith, he couldn’t measure the silver finest percentage, he just knew it is good & fine silver for sure. He said & told me a story about how many and from whom he got the coins, and the story of how his coin reduced from owned more than 500 pcs coin became only 200 pcs. He just gave away his coin for free to his friends, relatives, anybody and the worst part was gave to his children to freely throw into a kids toys box. It was shocking me out, maaannn nooo!!!, I said to him with almost holding my breath, suddenly I remember my French friend always said “…don’t throw your money out of the window”, with a promise to googling at home, I left him with a guilty feeling for all the coins still left on his hand.

Late at night, I still think for the coins and the exploring was about to begin …

As the coin picture shown, it is called Netherland coin, it worth was 2-1/2 G, better known as Gulden in Indonesia, this silver coin was existed in the year of 1849 to 1874, minted when the reign period King of Netherland, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Duke of Limburg, William III, Willem Alexander Paul Frederik Lodewijk (1849 until 1890).

During the reign of William III, since 1849, this coin was minted each year with a certain quantity and its value was up and down, depending on availability of metal material for coin fabrication. And of course depend on war & political issues during this period.

I step backward to the afternoon chat with Darmo, why he could have this coin?, then I continue to search…

I stopped at Indonesian history back in 1816, when Netherland Colonialism was started taking a role after Napoleonic War ends. Britannic Interregnum handed over island of Java, which is part of Indonesian Archipelago to Netherland and since then Java was officially under a role of Netherland colonialism. As colonies, all region of Indonesian archipelago, include Java, have to follow colonial rule, and the rule from A to Z was a must, Netherland give name to this region as Netherlands East Indies. The political & government law, the economical situation, the rule of society, were on colonialism hands. Through the period, there was several resistance war made by several region, a form of protest against colonialism, for examples Sumatra War (Perang Padri) in 1821 – 1837 or Javanese War (Perang Diponegoro) in 1825 – 1830. The economical rule under Netherland colonial was known rude & very unfair, Cultuurstelsel which was one of the rule implemented in 1830, an examples of Colonial rudeness domination in Java and another area.

I was so thrilled excited to exploring the story, this could explain why Darmo have this 2-1/2 Gulden coin, minted in 1874. Netherland and their colony, Netherlands East Indies, correlated each other with 2-1/2 silver Gulden coin. And I need to share here, the most important information of the coin; its physical value …


2-1/2 GULDEN

Weight = 25 gr; diameter = 38 mm; silver = 0.9450

Ruler = William III

Observe = Head Right; Observe Legend = WILLEM III KONING – DER NEDERLANDEN G.H.V.L

Reverse = Crowned arm divides value; Reverse Legend = (date) MUNT VAN HET KONINGRIJK DER NEDERLANDEN

Edge Lettering = GOD*ZY*MET*ONS*

I could not wait till tomorrow to tell Darmo, my friend, about what I have found tonight, make him understand of a huge value for the coin he has is a must, I suppose will say : any great history is not for a garbage can dessert.




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